Mayor’s Message Board

A few years ago the village implemented a program labeled “Neat Streets”. The program encouraged and supported proper property maintenance. It was designed to ensure your property was maintained to be respectful of your neighbors and yield a neat and attractive Village. A few weeks ago, the weather was exceptionally nice; Karen and I needed a few things and decided to walk instead of drive to a few stores located on West High. We were appalled at the amount of trash on the tree lawns and in residential front yards. This was not trash generated by the resident but by individuals passing by and using the street as their trash container. I encourage each of us to maintain our property and be respectful of others to maintain an attractive Village.

As most of you are aware, the Village has entered into an exclusive vendor relationship for residential waste disposal. The intent was to achieve a reduced rate for this service and provide curbside recycling service eliminating the current public recycling collection site. This was achieved and will show improved service and lower cost to a majority of residents. We realize there are individuals that will not be impacted positively and we will look at ways to make the program as accommodating as possible for all residents. Our goal is always to take action that positively benefits our residents. The service will be invoiced on your quarterly utility bill and the charge for the service is exactly the cost received by the vendor. There is no profit built in for the Village. See the website for details.

The Village will be changing the format for our annual Summer Fest. This year’s event will be held at Mineral Lake Park instead of Harrington Square. It will be an afternoon and evening event. The format will be food, activities, entertainment and ending with fireworks. The date will remain the Saturday of Fathers Day weekend, June 17. The event will be more in line with what had been traditionally Community Days. More details to follow.

We are engaged in numerous major projects which include analyzing ways to better utilize our waste-water treatment facility, enabling profitable development on Tare Creek Parkway and adding some resident-friendly amenities to our Village. It will be a very active year and will yield many positive results. I look forward to sharing details of these projects as the year progresses.

Please be informed, be involved, shop Middlefield and visit