Cardinal Schools

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15982 E. High Street
Middlefield, Ohio 44062
Ph: 440.632.0261
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Superintendent – Scott J. Hunt, EdD

The Cardinal School District in Geauga County is composed of Middlefield Village, Middlefield Township, Huntsburg Township and Parkman Township, with an estimated population of 2,694, 4,418, 4,024 and 3,500, respectively. The 73 square mile area encompassing the rural townships is strongly influenced by the Village of Middlefield (2 square miles). The District serves its nearly 1,300 students in four buildings in Middlefield; Jordak Elementary School, Cardinal Intermediate School, Cardinal Middle School and Cardinal High School.  Aside from the libraries within the school buildings, Middlefield has a state of the art library within walking distance of the schools.

All teachers are Highly Qualified and properly certified according to the state standards of Ohio. There are approximately a total of 150 certified, classified, confidential and administrative employees providing a quality education for our students. These quality programs have enabled several of our school buildings to receive an Excellent Rating from the State of Ohio on the annual report card.  Cardinal receives several Federal and State grants, such as Title I and Race to the Top, for improving the educational programs.

Ohio Excellent RatingConsecutive Excellent ratings of schools in the Cardinal District:

Cardinal High School (CHS) ~ Excellent rating for 10 consecutive years
Cardinal Middle School (CMS) ~ Excellent rating for 4 consecutive years
Cardinal Intermediate School (CIS) ~ Excellent rating for 1 year
A J Jordak Elementary School
~ Excellent rating for 5 consecutive years

The Cardinal Local School District was awarded a four year grant in 2010 from the Federal Government called, “Race to the Top” (RTTT). RTTT is a contest created to spur innovation and reforms in state and local district K-12 education, with the goal to improve student instruction through teacher professional development applying new standards, collection and use of data, teacher/principal evaluation systems and updating technological and related equipment in the classroom.

The Cardinal Treasurer’s Office was one of eight districts in the state to receive the Auditor’s Award for Outstanding Financial Reporting for FY 2011. For the past 14 years, the District has received the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting

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Middlefield is the center of the fourth largest Amish settlement in the world, best known for their crafts and woodworking.  Housing opportunities in the District are varied as well as the religious choices.  The District is a pleasant mix of agriculture and business with many small farms peppering the landscape and still in operation.  However, industrial and commercial businesses are the strongest economic factors.   Middlefield has many fast food and sit-down restaurants to cover food choices from burgers and fries, to Chinese, Mexican, and Italian menus, to Amish home cooking.   Small and family-owned businesses which include, but not limited to, retail stores, banks, insurance agencies, auto repair services and health/recreation centers round out the needs of the Cardinal Community.