Mayor’s Message Board

Mayor’s Message Board

Posted on: February 15th, 2016 by middlefield-admin No Comments

I hope this was our last snow event and the Village will replace snow blades for mower decks.

Prior to last Friday, the weather was nice enough it encouraged me to walk. I committed to not using my car for an entire day and walked to my office at Village Hall, needed some items from the hardware, needed an electronic component and needed a few grocery items. As I walked, I was thinking about what a walkable community we have, sidewalks in good repair and the ability to purchase 99 percent of my daily requirements locally.

Over the weekend, I attended the Geauga Small Business Expo sponsored by Pine Craft on Madison Road. I am always amazed at the variety of products and excellent value provided by the many talented merchants in our area. I can’t stress enough the importance of being aware of the resources around us and to make a concentrated effort to support our local merchants. With your help they will remain viable and continue to provide the many convenient services we enjoy today.

Our director of Economic Development, Leslie Gambosi-McCoy will be attending a meeting at the commissioner’s office this month with other local officials to participate in an ODOT  update presentation on the buggy path project. This is a major undertaking and ODOT has gathered large amounts of statics and data. Look forward to being apprised of next steps. It would be such an improvement for the logistics of buggies and cars. I look forward to continued progress.

Leslie and I also met with Geauga Park District officials on the project to complete the bike path from Headwaters to the north of the Village to Swine Creek reservation which is south of our Village. This path will be paved and intersect our Village directly behind Village Hall. The project is bidded and awarded and will be completed this summer. We hope to identify funding to improve the portion of this path from the center of town to Tare Creek to create an area with lighting to encourage leisurely scenic walking. Regardless I think a completed path will be a positive for our residents and merchants. I am glad to see it become a reality.

Last weekend we had our annual youth and adult egg hunts. Though the weather was chilly it was a great improvement over the last couple years. I want to thank those that organized the event, the volunteers that helped set up and manage the events, all who attended and those individuals and businesses that donated money or product making both events enjoyable and successful.

There is a very important issue on the May 2 ballot. Issue 1 is a levy to enable continued operation of Cardinal Schools. I can’t stress enough the importance of passage of this levy for the benefit of our youth and the health of our community and area. A leading determining factor for selection of a place to live is the quality of the local school system. A leading determining factor for establishment of new manufacturing facilities is the availability of a qualified and ample workforce. The determination for retailers to locate here is whether there are enough consumers to warrant their investment. Success of an area is simple. An area with employment and quality schools will thrive, attracting people and investment, yielding a quality where people want to live and prosper.  All efforts to improve our community will not materialize if the local school system is failing.  Please support our schools on May 2 on Issue 1.
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