Mayor’s Message Board

Mayor’s Message Board

Posted on: February 15th, 2016 by middlefield-admin No Comments

Welcome to fall. School has started, the fair is behind us, and it may be an age thing, but it seems like summer just arrived and is already history. We’ve had requests to start leaf pickup early, as many of the trees due to the dryness have begun to turn. Our Village service crew provides many services not offered in other communities, and fortunately we are still in a position to provide. Soon crews will be done with brush chipping and leaf pickup and they will be plowing snow from streets and sidewalks. (UGH)

We’ve seen many positive changes and investments in our Village this summer. We’ve had more new housing starts this summer than we’ve experienced in a decade. The new Middlefield Veterinarian Clinic on South Springdale stands tall. We are seeing renovations of the First Merit building due to the relocation and expansion of Geauga Vision; the remodeling of the Burger King; the relocation of Tractor Supply; and future expansion plans for Briar Hill and Chem Technologies. A new Outlet Store has been added across from Great Lakes Outdoor Supply; and the Perfect Occasions Costumes and Magic store has relocated and expanded next to Geauga Auto Parts.

In addition, there are plans submitted for new business and renovation on the southeast corner of South Springdale and West Kinsman. The bike path will be completed with paving and new structures by the end of October and this will be a nice addition to our Village. I hope that residents will utilize this path for biking and walking as exercise is such an important contributor to good health.

The Village passed a resolution in support of Prostate Awareness for the month of September. Councilmen Bill Blue suggested we partner with UH and Community Care and other wellness agencies  featuring a monthly health topic highlighting awareness. Awareness would include education of the specific health area and potential monitoring provided for participating residents. I think it is a great idea and we will provide more detail when available.

I can never write an article without providing an observation or suggestion to improve the aesthetics of our streets. Home maintenance has improved; which is appreciated. Most residents are maintaining their lawns, which we all and especially our neighbors appreciate. A problem we continue to address is signage in our tree lawns. Signs placed in tree lawns are prohibited. This is the area between the sidewalk and the curb. We regularly have our employees remove the signs in violation. I am asking any local merchant and any one placing signs to make sure they are not placed in the tree lawn. Your help is appreciated.


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