Mayor’s Message Board

Mayor’s Message Board

Posted on: February 15th, 2016 by middlefield-admin No Comments

I  had the fortune or misfortune of acquiring a Fitbit for Christmas. I haven’t figured out if it is a motivator or a guilt generator but either way it seems to make me think of ways to get more daily activity. Since the weather has improved, so has my desire to get in more walking steps. I often walk to Village Hall and to local stores when I need just a few items. When I walk, it provides an opportunity to see things that I would not observe otherwise. I want to compliment residents that maintain their yards and properties to create an attractive Village. I also see businesses that keep their entrances swept and free of debris. To me, this speaks volumes about your operation and we appreciate your effort. We recently did a review of all Village assets and property, and created punch lists for items needing attention. We want to be good stewards of Village property as well. I once heard the phrase “Pay attention to detail and everything else will take care of itself.” Collectively we can maintain an attractive Village. Thank you for your effort.

We will be testing our tornado and emergency sirens in the very near future. Our sirens rotate and are in two locations. One unit is on Lenny Drive on the east side of the Village and the other unit is located at Mineral Lake Park. During the test we will be monitoring all four outmost boundaries of the Village to ensure the sirens are audible. In addition, to this warning system the reverse 911 system supported by the county is available for sign up on our website. The sign up is very user friendly and gives you options for communication via text or email to your phone or address of choice. This is the season for severe weather and I want to ensure all residents will be notified effectively if an emergency or severe weather were to threaten our Village.

In my last article, I encouraged all eligible voters to make the effort and cast your ballot in the primaries held on May 8. I know as you read this article, that date has passed. If you did not make the effort to vote at the primaries, I am encouraging you to make sure you vote in November at the midterm elections. All voting is important as we have a responsibility to help shape the future of our country, for us and future generations. Please except this responsibility, be informed and take the time to cast your vote for candidates and issues that impact us all. I am always disappointed when I see the percentage of eligible voters that vote. This is a privilege we should never take for granted.

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