Top 10 Reasons to Live in Middlefield, Ohio

  1. Safe and friendly – Middlefield Village crime rate ranks drastically lower than the national and state average.
  2. Affordable Housing.
  3. Excellent rating for local schools. Cardinal High School has consistently ranked “EXCELLENT” for 10 consecutive years.
  4. Comprehensive village services and attractive village amenities.
  5. Strong sense of community. Within the community is an extensive choice of wide-ranging, vital organizations holding numerous events – all well supported by the Village as a whole.
  6. Wide range of employment opportunities plus an appreciation for diversity and culture.
  7. Several free Village parks, recreational facilities, golf courses, sporting facilities and organized sport programs.
  8. Exemplary medical resources and senior citizen facilities (Close proximity to The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals).
  9. Variety of retail and banking options.
  10. Clean. The citizens of Middlefield care. Homes are kept up and attractive; streets are well maintained and clean.