Mayor’s Message Board

In this past election, the residents of our Village had the opportunity and privilege to vote. I often hear criticism from individuals regarding our current state of affairs, where our country is headed, wasteful government and a plethora of other issues.  We have the opportunity to make our voices heard and create change on many issues with our ability to vote.

I was so pleased with the turnout on Tuesday. I hope going forward we see all registered voters exercising their right to make their voices heard and help guide our Village, State and Federal Government. The turnout on Tuesday in the Village was a 40 percent improvement over the last mid-terms, which is outstanding.

I appreciate all who voted, regardless of how they voted, for taking the time and energy to make their preferences known. I am very pleased a majority of those voting supported our income tax increase. We will be working hard the next few months to ensure that the additional dollars you’ve entrusted us with will be used efficiently, prudently, and give maximum value to the tax payers that made this possible.

A big thank you to all as you help us maintain a Village where people want to live, work and keep their community strong.  I want to thank council for having the courage to ask for this increase as it was necessary, even though, as evident by the small margin of passage, it was controversial. We will ensure, in retrospect, you agree it is money well spent.