Mayor’s Message Board


My wife and I recently had the privilege of honoring Pat Klag, who this year celebrated her 100th birthday. Her caring neighbor, Chuck Nichols, provided some inside info that Pat loved sirens and fire trucks. Captain Tony Yeropoli, on short notice, provided a fire truck and sirens to announce our visit. 100-year-old Ms. Klag came out of her home and the first thing she said was, “I will get Chuck for this.” I was concerned we had inadvertently pranked her but we had a great visit and she is indeed an amazing woman. This is the fourth Middlefield Village resident who I’ve had the privilege to visit as they reached the 100-year milestone. I always ask about their lifestyles, hoping to learn how I can improve to provide longer quality of life. I’ve had responses from eating popcorn every day to drinking two glasses of Chardonnay daily. They all had one thing in common: they maintained a daily schedule and looked at life positively. With these traits, we would all have better days even if we don’t make it to 100. Congrats to all who do.

Our capital projects are progressing as planned in spite of the weather. Grove Street sidewalks are completed and Lake Street and Edgewood repaving will be completed within the next couple weeks. I drove down both streets the other day and even with the intermediate course, they are super smooth. I caution you – the speed limit is still 25, and we will be patrolling heavily as smooth roads encourage faster speeds. Don’t waste your money on a speeding ticket, and help us maintain the safety for all who live and travel on Lake Street.

I’ve received many compliments on the flowers that were hung and planted the Friday before Memorial Day. We installed new planters on each quadrant of the downtown intersection and Holly Soltis, garden center manager for Urban Growers, creatively added some huge pots in front of Village Hall, in front of the retail area of Karl’s Jewelry, Fig Tree and Middlefield Tavern. I think they look awesome and will be more resilient than those we planted in the ground in prior years. She added a different variety of flowers and I expect this year our Village will look better than ever.

I want to thank the VFW for their continued dedication to ensuring we never forget those brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that our great, free country stays great and free. I also want to thank councilman Sam Morrow for so aptly and proudly representing our Village in paying tribute to those fallen heroes. We can never take our freedom for granted.

So you can plan accordingly, we scheduled a Village shred day for Sept. 20. That gives you almost four months to purge your personal files in preparation

Exercise your right to vote, be informed, be involved, shop Middlefield and visit