Mayor’s Message Board

It appears spring is not going to be a season in 2018. I know I am looking forward to cold temperatures and snow being in our rearview mirror. Our roads have definitely felt the impact of winter and many need attention. This is not unique to Middlefield as many roads and parking lots in northern Ohio are showing massive signs of disrepair. The Village has established a priority list for repairing and will be pursuing options to implement a plan for repair. We have a responsibility to ensure our infrastructure is maintained. We appreciate your patience.

The Village is also busy working on ways to improve the local labor force for our major employers who are struggling to find available workforce. Leslie Gambosi-McCoy our Village administrator, has been attending and is scheduled to attend employer and employee jobs fairs as well as programs that have effectively worked with joining students and employers. We realize how critical this is for our local growth.

We are in our fourth month of Middlefield Means Health and our second month of the organized walking class. I’ve participated in both and assure you if you attend, you will benefit greatly. These are both free of charge and we appreciate the leadership and support provided by our partners University Hospitals and James Sasak.

Village summer projects include refurb of South Springdale and utility extensions on Tare Creek. Private projects currently in process are the demolition of the house and buildings that were formerly Jim’s Barber Shop and Geauga Cleaners and the construction of the new Aldi’s building. Briar Hill will begin their 20,000 sq. ft. expansion the first of May.

In 2018, we will have the opportunity to vote in the May primaries and November mid-terms. This is such a tremendous privilege we enjoy as Americans.
I urge you to be informed and make sure you vote for those individuals that will support your ideals.

The Village has completed the project of providing online and automatic bill pay for your Village utilities (water, sewer and refuse collection). We encourage you to take advantage of this process which makes it easier for you and provides internal efficiency for the Village. If you need assistance with this process, please call Carrie at 440-632-5248 or stop in and she will be happy to assist.

Please be informed, be involved, shop Middlefield and visit