Curbside Trash/Recycling Information

trash-canProgram Information

Notification to Residents:

March 31, 2017                         Mailer to Residents from Rumpke

Rumpke of Ohio, Inc. is the apparent lowest and best bidder for weekly curbside trash and recycling collection. The bid award for a single trash hauler that will provide waste and recycling curbside collection service was awarded. FIRST PICKUP DAY WILL BE FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2017.  Trash Day will be EVERY FRIDAY.

Pricing is:

• Trash/Recycling Collection, $16.95 per month (condominiums, apartment buildings, commercial/industrial properties are excluded from this program)

At the March 9th Council meeting Council and Mayor approved a bag program.  There will be a $5.00 per month route fee and then the bags will cost $5.00 per bag and will be purchased through the village.  More information regarding this part of the program will be mailed to all residents in the future.

The program is scheduled to begin May 5, 2017. This pricing is conservatively estimated to save our residents on trash collection fees as well as terminate the recycling drop off location, which will close as of May 8, 2017. Trash/Recycling Day is every FRIDAY.


Bag Program 

Bag Program Sign Up Form

On April 13, 2017, Village Council amended section 945 of the Codified Ordinances to allow for a Bag Program.

Those wishing to be included in this program will need to complete the bag program sign up form above and have that application into the Village by April 13th in order to not be charged the monthly rate in May. Those wishing to go on the bag program after April 13, 2017 need to sign up by the 13th the month prior in order to not be charged.

The Village will be selling the bags for $5.00 each at Village Hall.  Village Hall hours are M-F 8:00am-5:00pm.

There will be a monthly minimum charge of $5.00 that will be included on the property’s water/sewer utility bill. Those who choose to use the bag program will be able to take advantage of the weekly curbside recycling pickup, which is on FRIDAY each week.

Should there be bags placed out for collection that are not Village issued bags Rumpke will not pick up these items.


For more information on  Rumpke of Ohio, Inc., please feel free to visit their website at  or check out our Frequently Asked Questions (updated March 29, 2017) page.

For more information on the Village’s Refuse Service Ordinance please see below:

Ordinance 16-145 Creating Chapter 945 (Village Refuse Service)– Passed March 9, 2017

Ordinance 17-113 Amending CH 945 to add a Bag Program – Passed April 13, 2017