Cardinal School Levy Information

From Middlefield Councilman Bill Blue: A word on taxes and Cardinal Schools …

I feel our tax system is exactly backwards.  We only get to vote on local taxes, which are small in comparison to State and Federal taxes.  But here we are, faced with another tax that is truly needed in a time when voters feel like they are tapped out.  As a Cardinal alumni, I have seen many changes that have positively affected the school system.  When I think about what could change in the future if our community support falls short, it saddens my heart.  We have always been proud Huskies and right now future Huskies need our help.  I know how easy it is to say ‘no more taxes and grumble about the way things are done’ I do it all the time directed at the State and Federal level.  My grumblings don’t change things at those levels, but it makes me feel better.  On May 2every voter can help  make a positive change to a grim situation and feel better knowing they contributed to the education of current and future children.  And this feeling of helping the community goes beyond the village to all surrounding townships and includes both Yankee and Amish families.  I have always admired how the Amish community steps up to build a barn, donate food, clothing and even animals when disaster strikes a neighbor.  And this is done without prejudice because it is a community action. And while Amish enrollment is low there are many very important education opportunities that happen every day within the Cardinal School system.

I mentioned earlier that I thought the tax system was backwards, only being able to vote on local taxes.  The silver lining to that is that we can make a difference locally.  There are a lot of bad situations in the world that we have no control over.  That is why I am glad to be able to contribute locally and see the positives happen on a timeframe not even imagined at the State and Federal levels.

I know people feel that some past decisions were not the best for the school system.  I do not know if that is true or not, but I do know that when opinions and alternative ideas are discussed constructively they can make the best of any situation.  So as an older Huskie, I would like to ask voters to think of younger Huskies and take the first step to turn this situation around.  Vote yes on May 2 and then get involved in the school system at some level and make sure the education of the children is the focus of future decisions.  Help out and make your ideas known, it is a great feeling to be part of a solution, the children are counting on us to be just that.