The Village of Middlefield Launches Community Survey for School District Consolidation Feedback

The Village of Middlefield would like to thank district residents who participated in the community-wide survey regarding the future plans of the Cardinal Local School District. For residents who did not participate in the phone poll, a mail survey will be distributed to registered voters to gather additional feedback next week. If you do not receive a survey and are a registered voter in the district and would like to participate, please call Middlefield Village Hall at 440.632.5248 or email

District residents are encouraged to provide their thoughts and opinions in the mail survey, which will be used to assess the potential of merging Cardinal Local Schools.

Data collection will occur in a three-part process, including the completed phone poll, the ongoing mail survey and a focus group with community business owners and leaders.

Cardinal Local School District recently completed a one-question survey, sent through email, to families of current students and staff. In an effort to include more voices, the Village of Middlefield is working diligently to collect and analyze financial, educational and community data to ensure that the best decision is made.

“When it comes to making transparent and honest decisions for the benefit of our whole district, it is important to gather input from all of our residents,” said Mayor Ben Garlich. “As we move forward with the process of data collection, the Economic Development Committee and Council want to make sure that everyone’s voices are heard.”

The survey process is being administered by an unbiased third party that regularly works with area school districts on improving communication and gathering feedback.

“I would like to extend a special thank you to all who participated in the phone poll survey,” said Mayor Garlich. “We now encourage the continued participation of our community in the mail survey so that we can gain a fully-developed understanding of the current sentiments, concerns and opinions toward the potential consolidation of Cardinal Local Schools.”

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