Mayor’s Message Board

I hope you have a happy and safe Fourth of July. It is one of my favorite holidays as there is little in life I appreciate more than the freedom we enjoy as Americans. Many people in this world do not know this feeling and the opportunities we enjoy as Americans. I love this country and hope we all strive daily to ensure these values and principles are preserved. God continue to Bless America.
I just received an update from the Ohio Department of Transportation that they plan to sell the buggy-lane project next year and start construction 2021. In my numerous meetings on this subject, I hear lots of individuals stating they had requested this project and feel slighted when I tell them this was a result of Middlefield Township and Middlefield Village working for the good of our residents. Our two entities have been involved with this project for three years and I thought initially it would take many more years. The project plan is for buggy lanes to be added just south of Rothenbühler Cheese Chalet to just north of Burton Windsor on State Route 608. We had requested it be installed from our north Village limit to Burton Windsor, but the decision was made not extend south to our Village limit. I don’t care who gets credit for the result, but I do care that we are adding safety and logistic improvement to all persons that enter our Village by buggy or car from the north. I appreciate the priority this project has been given.
Our service crew normally looks forward to summer as their schedule becomes more consistent. They don’t get the calls at midnight to come plow and salt streets. Last winter was actually mild so the erratic schedule was much more tolerable. We are making up for the lack of erratic winter schedule by having the wettest April, May and June that I can remember. The volume of water that we need to control takes lots of pumps, processing plants and infrastructure. I appreciate our crew always rising to the occasion regardless of time of day or night answering alarms and insuring equipment is maintained and functioning to accommodate the extreme water volume. We are fortunate to have employees who are dedicated and talented.
I always try to close with a positive but I want to express my recent frustration when I drove into the Village early Saturday June 15 and noticed our entrance sign was missing. I called our police and they soon reported that by the way it was removed, it was obviously theft. I can’t imagine the mentality of those who did this, but I can assure them the value of the sign warrants its removal as a felony. I hope we find the culprit.
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