Crafts with Billie!

Mentos and Diet Coke Challenge
Two liter of Diet Coke
7 Mentos

1. Place Diet Coke two liter OUTSIDE on a flat surface
2. Open Diet Coke
3. Add 7 Mentos
4. Run and watch the reaction.
Why do Mentos turn ordinary bottles of diet soda into geysers of fun? The answer is a little more complicated than you might think. Let’s start with the soda . . .
Soda pop is made of sugar or artificial sweetener, flavoring, water, and preservatives. The thing that makes soda bubbly is invisible carbon dioxide (CO2), which is pumped into bottles at the bottling factory using lots of pressure. If you shake a bottle or can of soda, some of the gas comes out of the solution and the bubbles cling to the inside walls of the container (thanks to tiny pits and imperfections on the inside surface of the bottle called nucleation sites). When you open the container, the bubbles quickly rise to the top pushing the liquid out of the way. In other words, the liquid sprays everywhere.

Elephant Toothpaste
1 empty plastic bottle
Dry yeast
Liquid dish soap
3% hydrogen peroxide
½ cup measuring cups
1 Tablespoon measuring spoon
Safety glasses
Food coloring (optional)
Warm Water
large bin or tray to catch the foam.
1. Put on safety glasses
2. Go OUTSIDE with supplies
3. Carefully pour ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide into empty bottle.
4. Add a big squirt of dish soap and swirl gently to mix.
5. Add food coloring if you would like.
6. Place bottle in bin or set on tray
7. In the ½ cup measuring cup mix together one tablespoon of yeast and three tablespoons of warm water.
8. Pour the yeast mixture into the bottle and quickly step back.
9. Rinse the foam down the drain when it is time to clean up.

Observations and results-
You probably saw lots of bubbles and foam in this activity. What makes the foam appear? When the hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with the yeast it starts breaking down into water and oxygen. Oxygen is a gas and therefore wants to escape the liquid. The dish soap that you added to your reaction, however, traps these gas bubbles, forming a foam. The reaction continues as long as there is some hydrogen peroxide and yeast left. Once one of them runs out it stops making new foam. If you tried the activity without dish soap, the reaction probably will still made bubbles—but not foam.

All the supplies for the Mentos and Diet Coke Challenge and Elephant Toothpaste was purchased at Walmart in Middlefield.
Mentos and Diet Coke Challenge
Mentos- $0.94 per pack
Diet Coke- $1.68 for 2 liter
Elephant Toothpaste
Dry Yeast- $1.34 for .75oz
Hydrogen Peroxide- $0.88 for 32oz



• 2 cups Corn Starch
• 1 cup water
• Food coloring (optional)
Supplies: Large bowl, small bowl, spoon, 1 cup measuring cup

1. Put 2 cups of corn starch in the large bowl.
2. Put 1 cup water in the small bowl.
3. Add a few drops of food coloring into the water and mix. (optional)
4. Add water to the large bowl and mix with the corn starch.
5. You may need to add a little more water or corn starch.
6. Play with the Oobleck.
7. You can store Oobleck in an air tight container or Zip Lock Bag.

I purchased all the ingredients at Walmart in Middlefield.
Corn Starch- $1.67 for 16oz
I had the water and food coloring at home.



Tie Dye

Supplies: Tie Dye Kit, white shirt, water, container, plastic bag, washer and dryer
1. Put shirt in water to get it wet.
2. Wring shirt out.
3. Pour water into dye bottles.
4. Decided how you want your shirt tie dyed.
5. Place rubber bands on shirt for what design you picked.
6. Start dying side one of the shirt.
7. Dye the second side of the shirt.
8. Put dyed shirt into plastic bag for 24 hours.
9. Take shirt out of bag and rinse it in water.
10. Wash shirt with laundry soap by itself.
11. Put shirt in dryer.
12. Wear your finished shirt.

Where I purchased the Tie Dye Kit and shirts at Walmart in Middlefield. I had the Zip Lock bag and water at home.

Tie Dye Kit- $17.94
White Shirts- $2.50 each


Origami Frog

1. Take your square Piece of paper and do a valley fold.
2. Fold a triangle at the top, unfold, and then repeat on the other side.
3. Fold the top of the paper down to the bottom crease and then unfold.
4. Put your thumbs on the line going through the triangle and then put your pointer fingers on the top of the triangle, gently push your thumbs and pointer fingers together.
5. Fold the top flaps to the top point.
6. Fold the ends you didn’t fold in the last step towards the center crease.
7. Fold the bottom half up at the neck. Then fold it back making the legs.
8. Cut off the end.


Microwave Salt Dough

Microwaveable Salt Dough  (2 part video)
Supplies: Large bowl, microwaveable plate, paper plate, plastic knife or cookie cutters, water, flour, salt, paint brushes, paint, covering for table, and microwave.

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water

1. Cover table
2. Put 2 cups of flour into the large bowl.
3. Put 1 cup of salt into the large bowl.
4. Slowly pour the water into the bowl.
5. Mix with hands until the consistency of play dough. (Might need to add more salt, flour or water)
6. Form shape, we just made a circle then pressed our hand into it.
7. Put on microwaveable plate
8. Ask an adult to microwave it on high for 30 seconds, then for 10 seconds at a time, until dry. HAVE ADULT TAKE OUT OF MICROWAVE IT WILL BE VERY HOT.
9. Let cool
10. Put paint on paper plate
11. Decorate

I purchased the flour, brushes, paint, table cover at Dollar Tree in Middlefield and the Salt at Walmart in Middlefield.
Flour- $1
Paint- $1 each
Paint Brushes- $1
Table Cover- $1
Salt- $.044




Corn Starch and Hair Conditioner Play Dough

Large Bowl, 1 cup measuring cup, cornstarch, inexpensive hair conditioner, zip lock bag or air tight container, and food coloring (optional)

2 cups corn starch
1 cup inexpensive hair conditioner
food coloring (optional)

1. Place 2 cups of corn starch in a large bowl.
2. Pour one cup of hair conditioner in the bowl with corn starch.
3. Mix the hair conditioner and cornstarch, with your hands–it will start coming together and it will be pliable and very, very smooth.
4. You may need to add more conditioner as you go.
5. Use food coloring to color as desired.
6. Once done with the dough, store in an air tight container or zip lock bag.

I purchased the Hair Conditioner at Walmart in Middlefield, and I purchased the Cornstarch at Dollar General in Middlefield. I had the Zip Lock bag and food coloring at home.
Hair Conditioner- $1.98
Cornstarch- $1.00