Fire Department

chiefbillreedChief William Reed – Fire Chief
Ph: 440.632.1907 | 

Captain Tony Yeropoli |
Captain Daniel Rhodes |
Lieutenant Ben Reed |
Lieutenant Aric Anderson |
Lieutenant Jessica Nevison | 

Established in 1928, the Middlefield Fire Department serves the Village of Middlefield with 1 Rescue Pumper, 2 Combination Pumper/Tankers, 1 103ft Ladder Truck, 1 spare Pumper; for use when one of the front line apparatus is unavailable, 1 Combination Air/Haz Mat Truck, 1 Utility/Pickup truck and 1 GMC Yukon Chief/Officer’s vehicle.

Fire Station 1 is staffed with 4 Firefighters around the clock. Off duty Firefighters are called in when additional manpower is needed due to a large incident or multiple simultaneously occurring incidents.

The Middlefield Fire Department is rated as an ISO (Insurance Services Office) Class 3 in the Village. Our average response time to incidents in the Village is approximately 2 minutes and 28 seconds.

Community Involvement

  • Annual industry inspections  insuring all our businesses and industries are safe and hold no risk to their surrounding neighbors
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors providing and installing in local homes and businesses
  • Fire Education – fire personnel provide fire education in all grades
  • Speakers Bureau – fire personnel are happy to speak at all community events, organizations
  • Safety and disaster planning – in the event of a community, state or national disaster, our experienced fire fighters are prepared and work with community leaders and members to insure safety and rapid response should the unexpected, unanticipated happen

Additional Information
> Middlefield Village Emergency Response Plan