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Supplies: potting soil, choice of flower seeds, water, flower pot, scissors, newspaper and gloves (optional)
1. Cover work space with newspaper, (if not working outside in the grass)
2. Put on gloves. Not using gloves go to step 3.
3. CAREFULLY use the scissors to open potting soil.  Ask an adult to help you.
4. Take potting soil and fill flower pot.
5. Press seeds lightly into the potting soil so that they are covered in the potting soil.
6. Now give them a nice drink of water, but do not over water them.
7. Place flower pot in a nice sunny well lit spot in the house.
8. Water every 3 to 4 days, depending on how dry the potting soil is.
9. Seeds will start sprouting within a week.
10. On Mother’s Day give to your mom, and remember to say Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for everything you do for me.

I purchased all of the supplies at Dollar General in Middlefield. Potting Soil- $2.50 Flower Pot- $2.00 4 Packs of Seeds- $1.00 Gloves (optional)- $1.00