Middlefield Cemetery

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Marcia Bryson

Cemetery Sexton
Ph: 440.632.1985

Leslie McCoy

Village Administrator

Middlefield Cemetery, owned by the Village of Middlefield, is located on East High Street (State Route 87) just east of Thompson Avenue.  The cemetery is maintained by the Middlefield Village Service Department. Gibbs Services handles burial excavation. For GPS Directions use the coordinates of 41.46401543466653, -81.06769960691801 or CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS

Several improvements were made to the cemetery in the past few years.  Asphalt roadways were added, a new section was opened for plot sales and burials, and fencing was installed. In 2011, the Village completed a Memorial Garden that includes a Columbarium for individuals who prefer above ground burial.  The Columbarium is a 32-niche marble monument for cremated remains. Click here for more information and to see photos of the Columbarium: Columbarium-Information

Genealogy Records – This link will help you find where someone is buried in the Cemetery. This is the Genealogy Records from the Geauga County Library, the Village of Middlefield is not responsible for the accuracy.

Cemetery Index Map – This is a map that shows the layout of the cemetery. (click on the map to make it larger)

Cemetery Layout -This set of maps show each section broke down on individual pages.

Rules of the Cemetery

  • No shrubs or trees may be planted
  • Cut flowers are allowed
  • Plants in containers are allowed
  • Remove empty containers by Nov. 1
  • Memorial Day preparation is required by April 1st and includes removal of all plants, containers, artificial wreaths and flowers.

Cemetery Regulations 2022 Update

2023 Columbarium & Cemetery Fees