Service Department

Chief Joe Tucholski


Mike Cipolla or Patrick Brent

Water Treatment Department Daily Operations
Phone: 440.632.5248
Fax: 440.632.0591

The Middlefield Village Service Department is responsible for the operation of a state-of-the-art water and sewage treatment plant, built in 2008 and 2010 respectively. With an average daily flow around 600,000 gallons, the Waste Water Treatment Plant is designed to treat one million gallons per day with a peak flow up to two million per day. This pressure filter plant is designed to oxidize, filter and remove iron, manganese and the attached arsenic. Typically, our filtered water has no iron or manganese arsenic in the 2 parts per billion range, well below the new 10 parts per billion limit. Consequently, the Village of Middlefield provides safe, delicious water for our residents.

The Service Department also supervises the maintenance and operation of seasonal services such as the following:

  • Snow plowing 40-lane miles of Village streets
  • Snow plowing sidewalks
  • Tire recycling drop off every May
  • Leaf pick-up
  • Brush chipping monthly (April-October)
  • Christmas tree pick-up
  • All parks, sports fields, Splash Park, Skate Park, tennis and basketball court maintenance
  • Street surface maintenance
  • Holiday decorations

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