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The Village of Middlefield operates under a “Mayor, Administrator, Council” form of government, as specified in the Village of Middlefield Codified Ordinances. The Mayor is elected from the Municipality at large to a four-year term and is the Chief Executive and Law Enforcement Officer of the Village. The Mayor is responsible, and has the authority together with the Administrator, to administer and generally control, direct and supervise all Administrative Departments and Divisions. This includes appointing, promoting, removing or otherwise disciplining members of the Police Department. In addition, the Mayor presides at all Council meetings, but only votes in the case of a tie among the members of Council.

The elected and appointed officials who serve the Village of Middlefield are a dedicated group, serving the public above all else. They are committed to providing exceptional service at all times to the citizens of this community. As a small town, Village officials offer the opportunity for residents to voice their concerns as they encounter members of the Council and the Mayor in the community atmosphere. Residents are urged to attend Council meetings or phone their Village government representatives. Each is in office solely to serve you.

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