Mayor’s Message Board

Mayor’s Message Board

Posted on: February 15th, 2016 by middlefield-admin No Comments

Welcome to a winter that so far, I am loving, lots of sun, little snow and a warm day interjected here and there. It will probably change tomorrow, but everyday closer to April is one less day of potential winter. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year’s Holidays and are prepared and looking forward to a positive 2019. Middlefield Village council starts the new year with a lot on its plate also looking forward to a very positive, active 2019. We have many major construction projects in process or starting in 2019. In addition to private projects the Village, thanks to voter approval of the income tax increase, is in full swing planning the resurfacing of Lake Street, resurfacing of Edgewood, water line replacements on North and South State St., new sidewalks on the North side of Grove St. and preparing to establish another well to insure we are always in a position to accommodate quality growth of our Village.  In addition, North and South State will be resurfaced from North Village limit to South Village limit.

Most of you are aware the Village is engaged in pursuing resident sentiment regarding the potential consolidation of Cardinal and Berkshire schools. We feel the opportunity warrants investigation and if taxpayers agree, we hope right decisions will be made. To accurately measure this sentiment, we need your help. The process we are using consists of a phone survey and a mailed survey. With the development of caller ID many people screen our calls because we are inundated with constant solicitation. I am asking you to make an exception and answer your phone for this survey. The caller ID will be “Middlefield Community Survey” and the phone number will be 330-614-7894. Your input is critical and we appreciate you taking your time to provide valuable input.

In addition to the phone survey, we are mailing a paper survey to every registered voter in the Cardinal School district. It will contain the survey and an addressed envelope with postage applied trying to make it as user friendly as possible. The higher the participation the more valuable the results. We are mailing 4,500 of these surveys and would love to see a 100 percent return rate. You should be receiving this survey this week or next week. Please don’t confuse for junk mail. Take this opportunity to voice your opinion as it is a decision that impacts all of us. Thanks for taking your time and energy to be involved.

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