Mayor’s Message Board

Mayor’s Message Board

Posted on: February 15th, 2016 by middlefield-admin No Comments

As your Mayor, it is my elected responsibility to try and steer our Village in a direction that I feel is in the best interest of our residents, my neighbors. This sometimes means I must take a stance that may be difficult to make.  Although this comes with the territory, I always look through the lens of what will make our Village a stronger community, a more vibrant community.

I feel the need to give a clearly written statement reguarding my words expressed at the State of the Village address this past Tuesday. As I said above, being Mayor means making complex and tough decisions. Decisions sometimes that will affect an entire community or area, and the School Consolidation issue is one of these issues.

As Mayor, I feel it is my duty to make sure that our Village is vibrant for years to come. A place where families want to move to and stay. A place where residents are proud to live, prosper and feel safe. Another component of this vibrant vision is a place where a stellar education is provided. You cannot have a successful Village/community without a successful School District.

We are the epicenter of the Cardinal School District. Middlefield Village is where our children come to learn each day. I am proud to have the Cardinal School District here and always have been. The points I made at the State of the Village Address were not intended to be critical of the district. The points I made were about looking for what is best for our children in the future.

What we have is the opportunity to be a part of is something transformative. Something that will draw people to our entire community. We have the potential to be a part of a one of a kind school system where the entire learning environment and opportunities will increase exponentially for our children.

This system would create a place where our children could graduate with an associate’s degree and a potential full ride to college. Already Berkshire has incorporated partners such as Kent State University, UH Hospital System, Auburn Career Center and Geauga Growth Partnership. This ball is rolling, and if we don’t get on board now, I fear it will be too late.