Curbside Trash/Recycling

April 28, 2022 Major Waste Disposal Information


Information on Contractor Change from Rumpke to Major:

On March 10, 2022 Council Approved a new five (5) year single trash and recycling hauler contract. Five proposals were submitted to the Village and it was determined that the lowest and best proposal was submitted from Major Waste Disposal Services, Inc. This contract will begin May 1, 2022 and will go through April 30, 2027. Trash and recycling collection will continue to be done every Friday.


Single Trash Hauler Contractor Change Check List

____By April 15, 2022 contact Village hall at 440.632.5248  if  your household would like to

  • request additional cans
  • request a smaller garbage can,
  • decline the recycling cart (decline of the recycling cart will not change the overall monthly cost)

____April 28, 2022 Major Waste Disposal Service to start delivering cans. Can will be delivered on April 28-29, 2022

____April 28/29, 2022 Bring Major Waste Disposal Cans (Garbage &

Recycling) in from curb

____April 29, 2022 Last collection Day for Rumpke.  Please make sure to

have all Rumpke cans at the curb for collection and keep them at curb

until they pick up.  Rumpke will be collecting cans April 29-30, 2022.

_____ April 30, 2022 Rumpke picking up the remaining garbage/recycling

containers from residents.

____May 6, 2022 First collection Day for Major Waste Disposal

____May 9-13, 2022 Major Waste Disposal container exchange week.  All

exchanges after this week will have a $25 processing fee applied to


MAJOR WASTE DISPOSAL Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-366-4921

Trash/Recycling Day is FRIDAY every week.

Acceptable Items for Recycling

Program Information

Notification to Residents:


April 28, 2022 Major Waste Disposal Information


Major Waste Disposal was chosen as the lowest and best bidder for weekly curbside trash and recycling collection.

The bid award for a single trash hauler provides waste and recycling curbside collection service weekly for 5 years.

Weekly Pickup

Trash/Recycling Collection, $17.52 per month (condominiums, apartment buildings, commercial/industrial properties are excluded from this program)

Senior Trash/Recycle Collection rate is $14.89 per month.

Trash/Recycling Day is every FRIDAY.

Please make sure to follow the curbside can placement guidelines.


Bag Program 

bag program application

Village Council amended section 947 of the Codified Ordinances to allow for a Bag Program.

Those wishing to be included in this program will need to complete the bag program sign up form above and have that application into the Village by the 13th of the month prior to the change in collection, in order to not be charged the monthly rate the following month.

The Village will be selling the bags for $5.00 each at Village Hall.  Village Hall hours are M-F 8:00am-4:00pm.

There will be a monthly minimum charge of $6.00 that will be included on the property’s water/sewer utility bill. Those who choose to use the bag program will be able to take advantage of the weekly curbside recycling pickup, which is on FRIDAY each week. Bulk items are not included in pickup with this option.

Should there be bags placed out for collection that are not Village issued bags Major will not pick up these items.


After May 13, 2022, there will be a $25 fee to “jump off or onto” the bag program.  Please make your decision prior to this date, Major will be collecting all unnecessary containers at this time.


For more information on  Major Waste Disposal, please feel free to visit their website at

For more information on the Village’s Refuse Service Ordinance please see below:

Ordinance 16-145 Creating Chapter 945 (Village Refuse Service)– Passed March 9, 2017

Ordinance 17-113 Amending CH 945 to add a Bag Program – Passed April 13, 2017


The Service Department supervises the maintenance and operation of seasonal services such as the following:

  • Tire recycling drop off every May
  • Leaf pick-up
  • Brush chipping monthly
  • Christmas tree pick-up


Recycle your car through Wheels for Wishes and Kids Car Donations