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Parent Guidelines

Way to go! Signing up your kid for sports is the first step toward a season full of fun for the whole family! What a wonderful opportunity you have created for your child.  One where he/she can learn new skills, get some exercise, meet new friends, be a part of a team, and have the attention and support of his/her biggest fan…YOU! Just remember-put the FUN FIRST and you will make this sport experience that much more enjoyable for everyone. Few youth programs are successful without the support of parents. Below are a few guidelines for concerned parents as they strive to support their young athletes:

  • Supportive parents focus on mastering sport skills and strategies rather than on competitive ranking.
  • Supportive parents decrease the pressure to win.
  • Supportive parents believe that the sport’s primary value is the opportunity for self-development.
  • Supportive parents understand the risks that competition places on a child.
  • Supportive parents communicate their true concerns directly with the coach.
  • Supportive parents understand and respect the differences between parental roles and coaching roles.
  • Supportive parents control negative emotions and think positively.
  • Supportive parents avoid the use of fear and punishment to get kids to perform better.
  • Supportive parents avoid criticizing children, coaches, and officials.
  • Supportive parents recognize and understand expressions of insecurity and provide support when necessary.
  • Supportive parents avoid the use of guilt to manipulate children to perform the way they want them to.
  • Supportive parents show empathy for the young athlete.