Chief Joe Tucholski

Director of Streets & Utilities

14860 North State Avenue
Middlefield, Ohio 44062

The Director of Streets and Utilities, Chief Joe Tucholski, manages a crew of seven full-time and two seasonal employees to maintain all the roads and provide the many services that the Village offers to residents such as:

  • Snow Plowing
  • Leaf Pickup
  • Brush Chipping
  • Meter Reading
  • The Wastewater and Water Treatment Plant operations
  • Park Maintenance

The list above is just a few of the many things that the Service Department performs on any given day. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact Chief Tucholski regarding the matter.

Brush Chipping Regulations

There were a few changes enacted in 2013 regarding the use of Brush chipping service from the Village.  The following is and outline of the new regulations. The Village of Middlefield Service Department will provide brush chipping services for its residents, excluding Commercial and Industrial business establishments, on the first Wednesday of each month, from April to November and limited to the following;
1.  For – disposal of small amounts of brush and branches that are removed by residents for normal maintenance and upkeep of property.  Total amount of brush chipping service time spent at any residence shall be limited to a maximum of fifteen minutes.  All remaining materials must be removed from public view within 48 hours after the chipping service date.
2.  For – brush and branches less than six inches in diameter, placed at the curb with the butt end placed toward the street and perpendicular to the curb, free of string, wire, rope or material, in piles no higher than 4 feet.
3.  For – brush and branches placed at the residents curb no sooner than 3 days prior to chipping service date.  Residents placing brush and branches in advance of the 3 days will be required to remove the debris from public view, until 3 days prior to the chipping service date.
4.  For – shrubs and roots free of dirt from normal maintenance and upkeep of property.
5.  Not – for the removal of entire trees by residents or commercial entities.
6.  Not – for tree stumps or brush from site clearing by residents or lot clearing activities performed by commercial entities.
7.  Not – for brush or branches brought in from another location.
8.  Not – for brush and branches placed out for chipping to late, once the chipper has been down the street.  Brush and branches will be required to be removed until the next regularly scheduled chipping service date.
In major storm related events, the Village will determine and announce emergency storm-related brush and branch collection dates and times outside of the regular monthly chipping date.

Streets Lights

To report a streetlight out call the Municipal Center at 440.632.5248 or send an e-mail to Carrie Ehrhart at She will report the light(s) and have the Service Department mark the pole with Green Tape to clearly identify the pole.

Additional Information

> Snow Plow Application
> Garage Sale Application
> Grass Clipping Notice – Ordinance Information
> Neat Streets Rebate Program and Application

This program was implemented in the summer of 2012 and has been very successful.  Many residents have neatened the exterior of their homes which in turn improves the curb appeal of the village.  Thank you to all the have participated in this program. This program is designed to assist residential homeowners with repairs to the exterior of their homes.