Fire Department

Chief William Reed – Fire Chief

Captain Tony Yeropoli |
Captain Daniel Rhodes |
Lieutenant Ben Reed |
Lieutenant Aric Anderson |
Lieutenant Jessica Nevison | 

Established in 1928, the Middlefield Fire Department serves the Village of Middlefield with:

  • One Rescue Pumper
  • To Combination Pumper/Tankers
  • One 103′ Ladder Truck
  • One spare Pumper
  • For use when one of the front line apparatus is unavailable, one Combination Air/Haz Mat Truck,
  • One Utility/Pickup truck
  • One GMC Yukon Chief/Officer’s vehicle.

Fire Station 1 is staffed with four Firefighters around the clock. Off duty Firefighters are called in when additional manpower is needed due to a large incident or multiple simultaneously occurring incidents.

The Middlefield Fire Department is rated as an ISO (Insurance Services Office) Class 2 in the Village. Our average response time to incidents in the Village is approximately 2 minutes and 28 seconds.

Community Involvement

  • Annual industry inspections  insuring all our businesses and industries are safe and hold no risk to their surrounding neighbors
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors providing and installing in local homes and businesses
  • Fire Education – fire personnel provide fire education in all grades
  • Speakers Bureau – fire personnel are happy to speak at all community events, organizations
  • Safety and disaster planning – in the event of a community, state or national disaster, our experienced fire fighters are prepared and work with community leaders and members to insure safety and rapid response should the unexpected, unanticipated happen

Additional Information

Safety and Prevention Tip from the US Fire Administration:

Safety and Prevention Tip from the Fire Chief: