Meet The MPD Officers

Chief Joe Tucholski



Lieutenant Brandon Savage
Years of Service:

4/2008 – Hired as a Part-time Officer
5/2008 – Hired as a Full-time Officer
8/2013 – Promoted to Sergeant
3/2016 – Promoted to Lieutenant
Contact Lieutenant Savage at the Police Department, 440.632.3541 or via email at

Sergeant Julie Aveni
Years of Service:
12/2019  Promoted to Sergeant
6/2012 – Hired as a Full-time Officer
Work Experience:
Andover Village Police Department, Ashtabula Sheriff’s Office, Village of Perry Police Department and North Perry Village Police Department
Contact Officer Aveni at the Police Department, 440.632.3534 or via email at

Officer Brandon Gray
Years of Service:
9/2009 – Hired as a Part-time Officer
10/2010 – Hired as a Full-time Officer
Work Experience: Chardon City Police Department.
Contact Officer Gray at the Police Department, 440.632.3535 or via email at

Officer Stephen Nadaud
Years of Service:
3/2013 – Hired as a Full-time Officer.
Work Experience:
Braceville Police Department, Humility of Mary Police Department
Contact Officer Nadaud at the Police Department at 440.632.3531 or via email at

Officer Bryan Dawson
11/2015  Hired by Middlefield Police Department
Work experience:
2012 – Braceville Police Department
1/2012 – 7/2014 Community Corrections of America
Officer Dawson can be reached by calling the Police Department at
440-632-3528, or email to

Officer Stephen Boxler
June 28, 2017 Hired by Middlefield Police Department
Work Experience:
Portage County Sheriff
Windham Police Department
Contact Officer Boxler at the Police Department at
440-632-3529, or

Officer Matthew Spitler
Feb. 8, 2018 Hired by Middlefield Police Department
Work Experience:  Orwell Village Police Department
Contact Officer Spitler at the Police Department, 440.632.3533 or


Officer Tyler Alan Lee
Graduated from Chardon High School 2016
Attended Kent State Trumbull Police Academy
Currently attends Kent state Geauga for Criminal Justice
Started with Middlefield Police April 12, 2019
Contact Officer Lee at the Police Department, 440-632-3533 or

Officer Brandon Hurless
Started with Middlefield Police  Dec. 12,2019

Contact Officer Hurless at the Police Department, 440-632-3527 or