Mayor’s Message – March 23, 2020

March 23, 2020

Dear Residents,

We have and will continue to provide updated information about the Coronavirus/COVID-19 on our Village website. In addition, we want to speak to you personally regarding our Village and the actions we are taking during this stressful period. Up until recently, our national and local economy has never been more bullish, but it went from bullish to bearish in the matter of about 72 hours. Fortunately, we have been preparing for the worst when many thought it unnecessary. Today, this so-called “unnecessary planning” is proving to be an advantage. On Wednesday, March 18, we held a special council meeting to solidify our ideas and plans for the foreseeable future. In addition to what we’ve posted on our website, we are working on the following initiatives:

  • Dedicated senior shopping hours to help protect those most at risk in our community.
  • Organizing a team to help with delivery assistance within our Village.
  • A monitored 24/7 email address if an urgent need arises outside the scope of a 911 emergency., and the Help-Line phone number is 440-488-7572
  • Working with University Hospitals for local drive-up Coronavirus testing.
  • Closing Village Hall to the public after making building modifications to ensure residents are supported when using mail, (mailed or dropped off) email and someone will always be available by phone for assistance.
  • Modified our website to ensure one web location for all COVID-19-related information.
  • Personally reaching out to all mandated closed businesses to discuss how we can partner and assist them in sustaining during this drastically-altered, operational period.
  • Working with landlords to see if they can assist impacted tenants to ensure businesses will weather the storm.
  • Encouraging residents to think of others while purchasing essential items. Remember to buy only what is needed. Do not hoard, so we all can procure essential items.

As your leaders, we have always promoted shopping local but today it is more important than ever.

We have a great community made up of caring residents with amenities that provide all necessities, most of our wants and lots of employment. Working together, we will come out of this storm stronger than ever. Even with our current situation, we are better off than most of the world. In addition, to our global position, we in Ohio and Geauga County are currently very fortunate. Let’s continue to be diligent regarding limited contact, proper hand hygiene, not exposing others if we aren’t feeling well.  Mandated business closures, as tough as they are, need to be followed. We must do everything in our power to eradicate this virus and get back to normalcy.  God bless our nation as we work together as strong, resilient, creative Americans to resolve this major affliction.

Mayor, Village Council and Middlefield Village Adminstration