Mayor’s Message – October 2020

October 27, 2020

Hello Residents,

I hope each of you are doing well and maintaining a semblance of normality with all the issues currently facing us and the world. I try to stay connected but often feel, as I’m sure you do, we are immersed in information overload. I’ve mentioned prior and will mention again I hope the one positive is that things we took for granted previously, will be cherished going forward. Much of our activities that provided stress relief and enjoyment have been taken away. The next time I sit in a stadium, go to a wedding reception, jump on an airplane, take a vacation, I will appreciate it like never before.

The governor has asked all of us to wear a mask when inside public places or outside in public places where social distancing isn’t feasible. I know there are opinions on both sides of this issue. I think of the sacrifice by so many to ensure we live in the greatest country in the world, hardship caused by wearing a mask isn’t even on the radar. I hate government overreach, but I am asking you to err to the side of caution, respect your neighbor and when inside public places, please take the simple action of wearing a mask. Wearing a mask, regardless of effectiveness, is at worst a neutral and at best a positive deterrent in the spread of Covid 19.

Our Village is doing well financially through the month of July. We continue to cut all unnecessary spending while maintaining the service to residents and continuing to maintain all Village facilities. I am amazed at the help wanted ads that I see posted at facilities, in the classifieds from all sectors of our Village economy. I see help wanted at service businesses, retail businesses and manufacturing businesses. If you need a job, a Middlefield business has a position for you.

I am also encouraged at the vitality of our local real estate market with new homes being built and established homes selling quickly at asking price and often for more than asking. This wasn’t the case a few years ago, and we need to ensure we maintain an attractive area where people want to live, work and educate their children. I encourage you to continue to support local businesses to ensure their ability to stay viable while encouraging others to locate in our Village .

We are expanding our infrastructure this summer to supply more quality water to support our Village as it expands. A couple of expansion projects slated for this year have been delayed but are still progressing, and we look forward to their completion. Thanks to all who invest in our Village providing more employment, more income for the schools, additional service and amenities for our residents and enable the Village to operate with a high level of service.

Exercise your right to vote, be informed, be involved, shop Middlefield and visit .

Ben Garlich
Village of Middlefield