Message from Mayor Ben Garlich, April 2021

April 20, 2021

Hello Residents,

We are into our second quarter of 2021 and despite all the media and pundit coverage on how bad we are supposed to feel, and governmental intervention on how to run our lives, our Village has been able to continue functioning and remain productive. I have the utmost respect for employers, retailers and schools that have developed systems to keep people safely employed and children educated. They not only have been successful in maintaining a sense of normalcy, they have also, in many cases, grown their businesses. The economy of Middlefield Village and our business community is healthy and thriving. The largest obstacle to continued success of our businesses and community is the inability to properly staff to meet current demand. The individual efforts by our local businesses has been creative and extensive. The advertising, both print and radio, signing bonuses being offered, are encouraging but frustrating as I know the employee requirements are still not being adequately filled. I resent the fact that anyone physically able to work is receiving unemployment. Our Village committees and council are investigating avenues to partner and create an environment where we are the area of choice for employment. I wish it was an easy fix, but we must be more creative than ever to be an asset. If you are reading this article and need employment, please come to Middlefield.

We recently installed a new digital sign at the pocket park at the intersections of State and High Streets. This replaces the sign in front of the municipal center. Hopefully it will be viewed by more residents and be an aid to relay pertinent information. In addition to the sign, we recently revamped and updated our Village website. I encourage you to use the website to stay informed regarding your Village and provide ideas for our continual improvement. I still believe that informed and involved residents will guide this Village to be a place we all enjoy living, working, shopping and relaxing.

I recently saw a sign in another community that read “This is your city, take pride, don’t litter.” I think it is a great motto and would also add to it “This is your village take pride, respect your neighbors and maintain the aesthetics of your property.” The village has encouraged this maintenance with the implementation of a neat streets program, providing funding assistance for maintenance of property. We take this seriously and wish all residents would also. Most neglected properties could be improved with a little paint, removing clutter, and mowing and trimming the lawn. A little effort would make huge improvements. I hate government telling me what to do, but out of respect for yourselves and your neighbors I would hope residents would willingly address these issues.

I encourage you to be informed, be involved, shop Middlefield, exercise your right to vote and visit the NEW and

Ben Garlich

Village of Middlefield