Message from our Mayor, January 2021

January 28, 2021

Hello Residents,

We are well into the New Year. December and January seemed like a blur. It was definitely a Christmas season like no other I’ve, and I am sure most of you, ever experienced. The Village continues to operate with a few modifications, but in the big picture, is operating efficiently. We are resuming in-person meetings and hope to soon be able to permit the public and press to attend as well. This year is going to be exciting with current projects that are in process and multiple new projects starting this year. I just received my draft of the yearend report and our year 2020 was more operationally solid than prior year 2019. This is a testament to our quality employers, quality workforce and quality residents that support their community. I expect 2021 to be more operationally solid than 2020 due to some slated expansions, along with the positive support and results that made 2020 so successful.

Our goal is to be a positive partner and work for the benefit of every business and resident.

We have engineered and bid our capital improvement projects for 2021 and appreciate the fact that, with your support, we are able to continue to maintain our infrastructure, improving our streets, sidewalks, water supply, and maintaining and improving our facilities.

The Village new and improved website is almost completed. Our goal was to make it more informative and user friendly. I hope you will check it out and we welcome any suggestions for future improvement.

On a personal note, I’ve lived in this community all my life and have seen the community grow. Over the years, I’ve made friends with many of the individuals that played a role in supporting our community. I’m sorry to say many of these personal friends and business partners recently passed on.

Dr. Henry Trybus did all the team physicals when I was in high school and became a friend I appreciated. Until his retirement a few years ago, his home office was open 24 hours a day.

Betty Roose, she and her husband Rick owned Roose Drug store. Betty worked as a partner with Rick putting in 100-hour weeks to ensure if medication was needed, they could provide. When my children were young, we made many after-hours runs to Roose Drug.

Mike Mihalisin started and owned many local businesses. His contributions to our community continue.

Anne Reed, Anne has been a family friend to me since I married my wife Karen. She has been a lifelong friend to Karen as they were neighbors when Karen was growing up. Her husband Ted was our accountant and I remember his office in Middlefield where the lights were on 24 hours a day from January thru April.

Larry Lasich owner of Middlefield Sign. I’ve not known Larry as long as the others, but his support of our Village stands out. He also had a can-do attitude and did whatever necessary to meet our demands and deadlines.

Rod Yoder, I knew Rod’s parents more than I knew Rod. I know Rod was a strong Huskie supporter and he and his efforts were appreciated.

I love living in this community as the relationships you build and the services provided only are present in a community where all are personally invested to support each other. I will miss them all.

Ben Garlich, mayor of the Village of Middlefield